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SUPERSCULPT is an innovative new body sculpting treatment that raises as well as tones without making use of surgical treatment. The procedure is totally non-invasive. By building muscle mass as well as minimizing undesirable fat at the same time, individuals who choose this therapy can take pleasure in a significantly much more defined abdomen.

A therapy like SUPERCULPT can help you contour your body the way you desire with no downtime or discomfort. *.

One 30-minute session with our FTS SUPER-SCULPTOR device gets you tens of thousands of powerful muscle contractions which equate to more than 20,000 squats or sit-ups. And the best part is that it’s non-invasive and pain-free.
Reduce Stomach Fat
Tighter Your Buttocks.
Firm Up Thighs.






SUPERSCULPT is the only procedure to aid both men and females develop muscle mass and melt fat. * While many other body contouring treatments just targeting undesirable fat, SUPERSCULPT works distinctly by targeting both fat and also muscle mass. * The procedure works by guiding very concentrated electromagnetic power to the area, requiring the muscles to agreement in a way that is not feasible through exercise. In reaction to these tightenings, the muscle reconstructs itself, and also fat in the location begins to dissolve extra easily. * Males and female can benefit from this procedure.

You start to feel concrete outcomes right after the therapy. * Positive results are typically reported a couple of weeks after the last session and also continue to enhance for numerous weeks complying with the therapies. * You will likely require to undertake greater than one therapy session to get excellent results. * A lot of patients gain from at least 4 treatments, each spaced a few days apart. * Following your series of treatments, you need to appreciate recognizable outcomes after a couple weeks. .







* Reduction Guarantee Is Based On Clients Ability Not To Gain Additional Weight, After Starting Program and restricting caloric intake  and keeping healthy body hydration by consuming 64 ounces of water daily. Results may vary from individual to individual.




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